White Rhino Films - Dallas
Capturing Your Wedding Story Through Cinematic Film making

About White Rhino Films



"The most important day of your life should not just be another day on the job for those who serve you." 

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At White Rhino we look for innovative, fun, crazy ways to capture and communicate your story. We are not wedding videographers, we are filmmakers in every sense of the word. The difference is craft. We handcraft every film the way we would a narrative feature film.  Our goal is to celebrate you, and to tell your unique story in a cinematic fashion. 

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About Our Filmmakers


Our acredited filmmakers have expercence in real cinematic work that ranges from televison and short films, all the way to Hollywood feature films. To us... this is not just our work, this is our passion. We are story tellers. This is what we do.


Our Executive Producer

Clint Howard II is a native Texan with a deep love for California.  Growing up in the industry as a child actor, Clint was first bit by the filmmaking bug at age 10. Captivated by the world of movies, he turned a hobby into his passion. Setting out as a Director, Producer, and Director of Photography the focus was always telling better stories. 

Clint values the art of story telling above all else. As a Director of Photography, he realized it is equal parts technical ability and personal management that creates a successful film. Good leadership is what can turn a good film to an amazing story. Leading a team and uniting them around a single vision creates a product everyone can be proud of. All of Clint’s passions and values are evident in his films. He has created content for some of the largest brands in the world as well as filming for reality TV and Feature Films.