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Capturing Your Wedding Story Through Cinematic Film making
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Wedding videos suck


There's a problem with wedding videos today... they suck. From the client interaction to delivery. Most wedding videos are a near carbon copy of the video before. If you have seen one, you have seen them all. And there is one reason for this — Videographers are not storytellers.

A storyteller is less concerned about whether a image is "good" or "bad" but more if it is the right image for the film. 

Filming a wedding is an immensely involved process. Whether the videographer wants to or not, he or she will be a focal point of your day. Running around with a camera and large rig is going to be distracting. So either they can be a positive or a negative influence, but never is a videographer a neutral one.


Everyone can shoot high quality now. Ultra HD, 4k, HDR is accessible to everyone. Low-cost high-quality equipment is at an all time high. So quality nowadays is not dependent on equipment or even budget, it's solely dependent on the creatives behind the scenes. So the quality of your film is directly tied to the person behind the camera. The whole project hinges on not only knowing how to craft a technically excellent image but how to bring those images together in a way that will tell the right story.


WE ARE storytellers

We are accredited filmmakers. We have applied the storytelling techniques learned from TV and narrative filmmaking to create the most unique wedding films possible. We are unlike any other wedding film team in existence because we have no respect for the status quo. We want to create films that are breathtakingly unique to each couple we partner with. And through the language of cinema, we craft stunning heartfelt films that don't just document the day but embody the story that brought two families together.

"Hello, I am Clint Howard II the executive producer of White Rhino Films. I believe a wedding is one of the most sacred days of a family’s life. Not just for the bride and groom but for the mothers and fathers. It is a special time that evokes reflection and celebration. This is why I LOVE telling wedding stories.  The story is a discovery process. I treat it like a mix of documentary filmmaking and reality TV. It’s romance, chaos, all the feels mixed into one day. Wedding filmmaking is so much more than just capturing what happens, it's understanding how to use the language of cinema to motivate every color, movement, and frame to tell the right story."

You can see Clint's cinematic work at Clinthowardfilm.com  or his IMDB page.

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